The Big Draw - Activity Week

The Big Draw – Activity Week

It is the end of the third day at The Big Draw in Auckland Tower and we have had such a busy and exciting time.

The opening day saw 258 visitors, adults and children, adding their thumb print characters to the 12 jigsaw pieces depicting views of Bishop Auckland from the brand new tower. Participants chose fancy dress props to disguise themselves before creating their characters in this ‘Where’s Wally?’ type activity. We have had pirate princesses, knights with clown shoes and unicorns with heart shaped glasses.

Day two and three saw a further 200 fingerprint characters added to the outlines of the town. It has been great to hear people’s stories about the locality and how this influenced their art work. Colin and Anne met in 1984 at Vinovium House; so drew themselves on the 6th floor with a big heart around them! A lovely couple were very fond of Flemish architecture so wanted to be placed on the building beside the tower. We also had Barbara placing herself within the ‘B’ and the family of four whose surname started with ‘W’ all fitting their heads within the letter.

The participatory art work will be displayed in the education classrooms in Auckland Castle in the New Year, so members of the public will be able to revisit the jigsaw and try and locate themselves in this historical moment in time.

Thank you to everyone who has come along to take part.

About the author: Laura Brenchley is an artist from Bishop Auckland with a particular interest in visual arts, community arts, social prescribing and illustrations for educational resources. She uses a variety of mediums and loves to draw.

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