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A Creative Gateway to Miners’ History

7 August 2018

Throughout August, Mining Art Gallery in Bishop Auckland Market Place, is offering hands on fun for all ages, themed around what miners did in their spare time.

The first set of activities, which run until 17 August, are centred around play and include traditional table top games, such as dominoes and shove ha’penny.

Visitors are invited to draw each other participating in these activities and contribute to a large collage within the Mining Art Gallery’s education space.

From 20 to 31 August, the theme will switch to hobbies. Here, families will find activities centered on popular pastimes for miners, such as designing and drawing vegetables for an allotment and folding an origami carrier pigeon.

Visitors are advised that the Education Space is occasionally closed for meetings, and families should call ahead to check availability. Parents and guardians must also accompany their children at all times.

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