The Big Draw - final preparations

The Big Draw – final preparations

My first two blogs focused upon the participatory art project ‘Hide and Peek’, which was part of the activity during the opening week of Auckland Tower. This artwork is now completed and has over 750 fingerprints
of visitors hiding amongst the buildings of Bishop Auckland.

Alongside this main activity, there were a number of other drawing activities for children to take part
in during half term. Perhaps the most popular being experimenting with wax and watercolour paint.
Children were asked to draw a ‘secret’ image in white candle wax and then to reveal their drawing
by painting across the page. The paint only coloured the areas free from wax. We had some lovely
pictures including unicorns, rainbows, flowers and self portraits! All of these images were left to dry
and will be used in a second piece of artwork called Tessellation Tower.

Over the last week I have been creating an outline image based on the tower, which I will be using
as a basis for collating some of these wax paintings. The Tower, is cut from black card with the
panels in the tower filled with patterns and images created by the children. This will then be
mounted on to a larger picture and also displayed in the learning rooms in the Castle. I hope you
will be able to visit and see the final products when the Castle opens in 2019.

It has been fantastic to work with The Auckland Project on this Big Draw activity. I hope participants
and volunteers had as much fun as I did!

About the Author: Laura Brenchley is an artist from Bishop Auckland with a particular interest in visual arts, community arts, social prescribing and illustrations for educational resources. She uses a variety of mediums and loves to draw.

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